Compatible solutions
for all manufacturers ! 

Poma, Leitner, Doppelmayr, or any other manufacturers, IDM offers an alternative solution for your facilities and installations maintenance. Find out below!

Our goal, be your spare parts partner for ski lifts and cable cars, snow grooming, snowmaking, sliding and anti-slip floor mats, saddlery and many other various applications for ski resorts! 


The world's leading manufacturer of complete solutions for the transfer of hydraulic and industrial fluids, mainly in rubber hoses.


A company specialized in synthetic floor mat surfaces, mainly for sports activities such as simulated ski.


A company specialized in the production of rubber items including sheave liners, for all types of manufacturers.


Reference company in water resource management, mainly in custom-made industrial taps for snowmaking.


Continental is an international company specialised in tires, including references dedicated to ski lifts.

Hans Hall

German manufacturer of spare parts for grooming machines Pistenbully, Prinoth or other existing or disappeared brands.


Savoyard company (France), leader in sliding and anti-slip floor mats dedicated to winter activities and ski resorts.

Michaud Chailly

Since 1923, the Michaud Chailly company has been a real reference in mechanical transmission components, bearings, pneumatics, etc.


Sliding floor mats in roll form, suitable for tubing, artificial ski slopes, but also chairlift landing zones.


French company offering engineering solutions and technical realisations for industry and ski lifts.


Sheave liners and cable pulleys for all brands: Poma, Leitner, Doppelmayr, Skirail and all other existing or disappeared brands.


Leading company in the production, design and sale of steel ropes for all types of installations, including cable transportation.

We guarantee the IDM product compatibility instead of the original manufacturers parts.

Whether it's for cable cars or ski lift parts, snow grooming parts or snowmaking parts, you can install our products without any problems.

Technical Partner for the Mountain

Created in 1993. IDM is specialised in spare parts for ski lifts, chairlifts, cable car and snow grooming, but also in technical floor mats (sliding floor mat and anti-slip floor mat).

Moreover, IDM produces in-house hoses, camlocks and other spare parts for snowmaking, as much as the saddlery.

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