With Ecovertis®, we are committed to making tomorrow's mountains more sustainable, with passion and eco-responsibility.

Here's what we're doing.


Developed in 2021, Ecovertis® is an ecological programme developed by IDM through which we are committed to reducing our carbon impact while offering more responsible solutions to our customers. In view of the mountain's fragile ecosystem, our various actions aim to guarantee its sustainability, as well as its natural beauty and unique biodiversity.

This approach is essential to ensure a harmonious balance between skiing and preserving natural resources. With this in mind, we're mobilising all the expertise we've built up since 1993 to help ski resorts make this transition. These are the beginnings of Ecovertis®.

Heading for 2038 
 and neutrality 

Our Ecovertis® programme is part of the carbon neutrality directive requested by DSF by 2037. These eco-commitments form a basis for sustainable development with all the other players in our territories.

We are proud to anticipate this ambitious objective through the two pillars of our programme: offering more eco-responsible products, and transmitting an ecological summary that our customers can integrate into their carbon footprint. 

But what exactly is Ecovertis® ?

1. Creating an ecologically clean industry 

With our programme, we offer a range of eco-responsible products. Through a simple and rapid process, we collect end-of-life products from our ski resort partners and then integrate them into a clean chain. The recycled material obtained enables us to create new recycled and recyclable products.

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They are taking part in the Ecovertis® programme 

2. Take the old
to make something new!

Ecoverclip® tile: First product in the Ecovertis® programme

Developed in January 2022, the Ecoverclip tile is the first product to join the ranks of the Ecovertis® range. This robust, slip-resistant rubber tile was designed mainly by recovering used tyres from partner stations. As part of the circular and local economy, the rubber collected is recycled in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region. The Ecoverclip tile is available in thicknesses of 10 or 15 mm, with a smooth or raised surface. Available from the IDM Shop.

One year of Ecovertis means :


Tonnes of recycled tyres


Ecoverclip tiles created


Satisfied customers

Report on the Ecoverclip press conference (La Plagne)

3. We'll collect it from you
and produce locally! 

Sheave liners

Bullwheel liners

Launching Tires

Inner tubes

Tracking belts

Lift belts

Floor mats

Under development

Fill them in, we'll take care of the rest!

We provide our customers with empty crates, using a quick and easy system. These enable used consumables to be collected, distributed and recycled. Once the boxes are full, they are collected and recycled by a local partner. It is through this process that we can produce the various Ecovertis® references.

If you'd like to find out more about how the Ecovertis® programme works, take a look at our brand new FAQ (currently under construction).

The Ecovertis® programme is only available in France. It is currently being developed in your region. We thank you for your understanding and patience.

4.   Green  road transport

Contrary to popular belief, it is entirely possible to reconcile ecological transition and transport.

For all our customers in France, we neutralise CO₂ emissions through Eco Neutral® carbon offsetting. Offered by our partner DB Schenker, in collaboration with Atmosfair, we offer a delivery service that is as efficient as it is environmentally friendly.

That's Ecovertis®.

Econeutral® has achieved a score of 90% in the CDM Gold standard, the most stringent available for climate protection projects. Click here to find out more.

5. Ecovertis®
is also a more responsible organisation

A dynamic team 
at the top!

Committed and proactive, the IDM team is not afraid of change. On the contrary, it's a rich source of ideas, proposals and innovations that help create the company of tomorrow. The secret? A judicious and healthy balance between commercial performance, a major asset for our company, and reducing the carbon impact of our organisation.  

Getting to work is good.
Getting to work by bike is even better!

To encourage the use of environmentally-friendly means of transport, we have provided a fleet of conventional and electric bicycles for IDM employees. They can now commute to and from work with complete peace of mind, and in a more eco-responsible way. One thing's for sure: cycling makes you happy!

No more noisy brrm brrm.
Make way for silence...

For over a year now, all IDM's sales staff have been giving up their combustion-powered vehicles. From now on, they will be travelling the length and breadth of France in electric or rechargeable hybrid vehicles. What's more, we are only using cars produced in Europe, in this case in Wolfsburg and Zwickau (Germany) for this new fleet.

One day a week
in socks on the sofa! 

For several months now, all IDM's support function employees have been teleworking once a week. The savings from such an organisation? 15 tonnes/year of CO₂, equivalent to the weight of 12 cars in fine particles. That's no mean feat! And between you and me, working one day a week lying on your sofa is pretty damn cool!

Just like plastic
but without the plastic

One plastic envelope, then another, then another... all wrapped in plastic film, that's quite a lot! Since January 2023, all pallets leaving our warehouses have been palletised with recycled & recyclable film and document sleeves.

And that's just the beginning! 
All our teams are working to

Expanding the Ecovertis® product range

Recycling more and more consumables in stations
Transforming the organisation to emit less CO₂

With the participation of :