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IDM is a Savoyard company created in 1993.
Technical partner for the mountains, IDM is specialised in spare parts for ski lifts and snow grooming equipment, but also in sliding and anti-slip surfaces. Moreover, IDM has a customised production of hoses, valves and parts for snowmaking, as well as saddlery.

 Dedicated professionals

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Real mountain enthusiasts, IDM members really wish, above all else, to offer you quality products that are durable and adapted to each use.

Whether it's for sheave liners, cleats or a sliding floor for your chairlift unloading, our experts offer you products and solutions that will meet your needs !

Damien Laymond
Sales - France / Swiss Romandie
+33 6 09 59 23 93

Julien Guilloteau
General Manager
Export & Worldwide Sales
Communication & HR Manager
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Michel Rossi
Executive Committee
Sales Isère /
+33 6 08 80 82 11

Jean-Pierre Blanchard
Production & Stock Manager
Sales assistant Alps / Isère / Pyrenees / Central Massif / Andorra / Spain
+33 4 79 84 34 37

Bastien Laurent
Sales France / 
Spain / Andorra
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Dominique Iaconantonio
Digital Marketing Manager
Facility Management
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Fanny Messina
Export sales assistant
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Isabelle Gallardo
Head accountant
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Cécile Settura
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Cléo Chatelain
Administrative assistant
Ecovertis® Management
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Florian Berquet
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French & international


In a world that is constantly changing, IDM exports its know-how and proximity beyond the French borders by relying on a network of efficient and responsive partners! 

Our expertise

Ski lifts spare parts

  • A complete range of liners for sheaves and transport cable pulleys
IDM is amongst the worldwide leaders in providing sheave liners and pulley liners, thanks to a long-time partnership with different manufacturers in rubber or other materials (Polyurethane, BECORIT, etc). From the smallest ski lift to the biggest cable car, IDM can meet the particular needs of every customer, whatever the brand of their lift and its characteristics (Poma, Doppelmayr, Leitner, GMM, Skirail, etc).

  • Solutions for all spare parts needs

IDM embodies before all an expertise and a know-how in the business of spare parts for ski lifts and rubber spare parts and manufactured polymers. In this domain, IDM can produce many different parts, depending on the customer’s needs.

First of all, we determine the best product mixture to suit your particular needs (custom study). Then, we chose the most appropriate manufacturing process: die-cutting of rubber sheets or plates (driving connections…), extrusion (all window and door profiles, footrest tubes), molding (chairlift end caps, chair holders, safety wheels, nozzles, platters…).


Following the acquisition of S2M in 2010, IDM became a major actor in the conception and repair of snowmaking gun hoses.

We sell two types of hoses:
  • Semi-rigid hoses
  • Fold-flat hoses

To cover the whole field of snow making
, we also offer the following services:

  • Conception and assembly of all kinds of fittings,
  • Repair services on damaged hoses via leak search and pressure resistance tests,
  • Valve body repair
  • Conception of hood
  • Rétrofit.
To further broaden its customer base and maintain its know-how, IDM integrated the commercial activities of the MKneige company in 2016.

Snow Grooming

  • Spare parts for tracks

Thanks to its partnership with Hans Hall, a well-known specialized manufacturer for tracks of all brands, IDM can offer a wide range of products for snow groomers. This includes all the different parts of a track: tyres, tyre-guides, sprockets, cleats, rubber belts and also screws, accessories (ice picks, stabilizers, grappling hook…), backing plates, lacings…

  • Snow blower spare parts

IDM also sells spare parts for snow blowers: flaps, tiller wings, tiller extensions, snow blower supports. Always willing to satisfy its customers, IDM also has in its store winch cables, ROBALON wings and polyethylene profiles to protect the floor of garages.

  • Complete tracks for winter and summer periods

IDM can offer complete tracks of the brand Hans Hall to replace the original manufacturer tracks. For example, the EXCALIBUR cleats give astonishing results, with an increased lifetime and less maintenance. As snow groomers are not only used in winter, IDM also offers rubber track belts for summertime uses, such as transport of people, equipment or maintenance operations.

Floor Mats

  • Anti-slip floor mats
For more than 20 years, IDM has become an expert in offering nonskid floor mats that meet the most specific exacting of ski managers. This goes from simple glued on mats in ski rental shops to the rubber hollow mats compliant with regulations on access for disabled people, which we can find in the stations of ski resort lifts. IDM has a wide range of products that comply with European and local regulations (fire classification, access for disabled people…). Our floor mats are adapted to areas with an important traffic.

  • Sliding floor mats

IDM also relies on providing sliding floor mats that allow skiers to reach loading areas with their skis on. Many installations are equipped with ASTROSKI, for instance, which is often used for access alleys to chairlifts or cable cars. IDM is also an official supplier of MR.SNOW mat which is considered as one of the most efficient sliding mat ever. There is no need of water, silicone or snow. It is also highly recommended for the unloading areas. In addition to their sliding properties, these floorings also have an information function as they help passengers to position themselves while loading on chairlifts.


  • A recognized craftsmanship in the production of seat covers

For over 20 years, IDM has stood apart thanks to skills in producing seat covers for ski resorts. Cut and sewed directly in our workshop in Montmélian, the quality of our seat covers has been proven in various applications.

  • From standard to custom

Our seats, backrests, covers and tarpaulins, whether standard or customized (design, color, fixing, stitching) can be adapted on all types of lifts (POMA, LEITNER, DOPPELMAYR, GMM or any other…). To respond to the demand of our customers, we guarantee a steady supply on standard references.
Our solutions in that segment are not restricted to ski lifts. We can actually also make or renew seats for snow groomers, saddles for snowmobiles, pickup bed covers as well as many sewed products.

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